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SLUSH Launch Pad: A Smart Investment Platform for Web3 Projects in the SASEUL Blockchain Ecosystem SLU Token: The Governance Token of the SLUSH Ecosystem

Maximum Total Fund:1,000,000 SLU
Conversion:1 SLU = 0.05 USDT
Minimum amount per person:25 SLU
Total Committed:50,000 USDT
End date:2024-02-24 21:00 (UTC+09:00)
Price:1 SLU = 0.05 USDT
Coin Offered:1,000,000 SLU
Coin Funded(Rate): 1,000,000 SLU (100%)
Single Initial Investment:25 USDT



Project Outline


The Infinite Onramp to Web 3 Projects – Embarking on the Market with Limitless Potential

As the awareness of SASEUL's engine and mainnet technology spreads, the number of Web 3 projects participating in the SASEUL blockchain network is expected to increase significantly. SLUSH will provide opportunities for fundraising and investment participation in crypto projects, promoting diversification and early market entry for projects.

Ÿ  Anticipating investment events on the scale of successful models of large blockchains

Ÿ  Facilitating early launch and market entry of Web 3 projects through diverse growth opportunities

Ÿ  Providing fundraising opportunities for projects and alternative investment participation opportunities for investors


SLUSH Goes Beyond the Launchpad with an Integrated Smart Investment Platform

SLUSH goes beyond simple ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) for the initial funding of crypto projects. It provides a comprehensive investment solution, including fundraising, DEFI services, SWAP, NFT investments, and more. SLUSH aims to be an integrated smart investment platform for the SASEUL blockchain network and an incubator for future unicorn crypto projects.


SLU Token Launchpad Event

By investing in SLU tokens, you have a special opportunity to be one of the first to enter the next-generation investment platform leading the early stages of the SASEUL blockchain ecosystem.

Ÿ  Round 2 Supply            : 1,000,000 SLU

Ÿ  Subsequent Rounds      : TBA

Ÿ  Payment                     : Tether(USDT) – Using Metamask Wallet

Ÿ  SLU Token Distribution  : Transferred to the first commercial wallet of SASEUL - ZIGAP


Round 2 Investor Benefit

Ÿ  Secure SLU coins at the lowest price during the ICO round.

Ÿ  Benefit from the potential value increase as token prices gradually rise in subsequent rounds.

Ÿ  Opportunity to receive additional SLU token airdrop benefits for early market SLU token buyers (to be determined later).



Ÿ  SLUSH Homepage

Ÿ  SLUSH Whitepaper

Ÿ  ZIGAP Wallet Download
Web : https://zigap.io
Google Playstore :
Appstore :



The current ICO for SLU token is another ticket to enter the SASEUL blockchain ecosystem, leading the next-generation blockchain market. Seize the opportunity to create the future of the decentralized industry with us.


Thank you for your interest and support towards innovation!