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3rd generation Blockchain Engine·Mainnet, SASEUL SL Coin - The coin being mined within the SASEUL blockchain - The SL coin will be received in your wallet within maximum 48 hours.

Maximum Total Fund:1,000,000 SL
Conversion:1 SL = 0.1 USDT
Minimum amount per person:1 SL
Total Committed:100,000 USDT
End date:2024-02-03 21:00 (UTC+09:00)
Price:1 SL = 0.1 USDT
Coin Offered:1,000,000 SL
Coin Funded(Rate): 1,000,000 SL (100%)
Single Initial Investment:1 USDT



Project Outline

SASEUL has developed a mainnet that meets the criteria of complete decentralization, outstanding processing speed, and stable security, all based on proprietary technology. The genesis block of SASEUL was created in May 2022, and to date, over 30,000 nodes is operating continuously, ensuring the stability and reliability of the system.

Maintaining the concept of decentralization that Bitcoin has advocated, SASEUL emerges as a leading player in the third generation of blockchain, aiming to realize practical usage in various industries, a goal previously attempted by Ethereum.


SL Coin Launchpad Event

Ÿ  Through investing in SL coin, we present a unique opportunity to be among the first to enter the early stages of the SASEUL blockchain ecosystem. Starting with the launchpad event's first round, we will supply 1 million coins, with plans to offer a maximum of 10 million coins. As additional rounds progress, the coin price is expected to gradually rise, making early participants enjoy greater benefits

Ÿ  Total Supply                : Up to 10,000,000 SL (subject to change)

Ÿ  Round 3 Supply            : 1,000,000 SL

Ÿ  Subsequent Rounds      : TBA

Ÿ  Payment                     : Tether(USDT) – Using Metamask Wallet

Ÿ  SL Coin Distribution      : Sent to SASEUL dedicated wallet Guardee


Reference Links

Ÿ  SASEUL Homepage

Ÿ  SASEUL Tech Whitepaper

Ÿ  Guardee Wallet Download
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This ICO for SL coin is your ticket to enter the SASEUL blockchain ecosystem, leading the next-generation blockchain market. Seize the opportunity to shape the future of the decentralized industry with us.


We appreciate your interest and support towards innovation!